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Teamviewer udp

Teamviewer udp

teamviewer udp

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If there is no pfSense between my side and remote host, then UDP is working fine. All my pfSense installations are fairly simple. Default install, no packages, couple of port forwardings and that's it. My outgoing LAN rules are defined like this:. Nothing special, only SMTP port is blocked from non e-mail servers. Even without that rule, UDP is still not working.

I haven't tried outside of the 2. Can someone help shine some light on this issue? How can I diagnose this further? How can I try to fix this issue? UPNP was not enabled. I turned off my Win7 firewall for testing sake. I googled a bit more and it seems that TeamViewer uses UDP hole punching to create a direct connection. Creating an inbound Firewall rule to allow UDP from all sources to all destinations got rid of the blocked messages in the Firewall log, but TeamViewer still couldn't create an UDP connection.

The problem inherintly lies in pfSense rewriting the Source port. Instead of creating a new rule, I simply edited the existing "Auto created rule for Lan to Wan" and checked Static Port. Wow - Yeah. Static port is not usually requred for teamviewer. I'm using teamviewer daily behind pfsense and I only have static port enabled for sip devices.

I am surprised you had trouble. It is NOT. Teamviewer should be installed on both machines and both should be connected to the internet , Teamviewero on the remote machine should have an IDLE connection to the Teamviewer Proxy Servers and waits for connections requests , After receiving it, a direct UDP connection will be established ,known that both machines must set and ID and Password before this process. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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