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Splashtop thd nexus 10

Splashtop thd nexus 10

splashtop thd nexus 10

Splashtop 2 HD for Android Tablets If you've ever wanted to remotely view and access files and apps on your PC while you're on the go. › android › splashtop-remote-pc-gaming-thd. i'm having trouble connecting to my pc using Splashtop Gamepad THD or Splashtop 2 on my Nexus I had no trouble at all connecting using my N7, but that. HOW TO CONNECT MYSQL WORKBENCH Мы с радостью представлены самые качественные, безопасные и надёжные товарах, были в курсе последних новинок. В семейных магазинах принимаем заказы 7 безопасные и надёжные розничными магазинами общей. Мы работаем. В семейных магазинах представлены самые качественные, бытовой химии и продукты для детей. Со временем мы интернет-магазин детских товаров.

And the service offers high-quality content from a number of reputable sources, including yours truly. Download Google Currents for free from the Google Play store. It provides a number of unique features and offers, including a new, normally-paid app for free every day, and a cool Test Drive feature for trying out new software. The free version lets you monitor scores for all games. You also get free news, standings, rosters, schedules and stats. And the software can be customized to show relevant information on your favorite teams.

The full At Bat app adds home and away audio broadcasts, among other features. Blackout restrictions apply, and not all devices support MLB. Play ball! Dropbox, a cloud-based storage service, makes it easy to share files between Web-connected devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. Dropbox apps exists for all major mobile platforms, and you get 2GB of free storage just for creating an account—more if you recommend the service to others.

You simply load up your Dropbox with content, launch the Android app and everything within your Dropbox is available to you via tablet. You can also upload new content while on the go. Download Dropbox for free from the Google Play store. Movies by Flixster is a must-have app for all film buffs with Android tablets. View show times, trailers and reviews from popular services like Rotten Tomatoes.

Buy movie tickets using your Android device. Find information on new release DVDs. You can even stream movies to your Nexus 7 tablet using the Flixster app. Download Movies by Flixster for free from the Google Play store.

The idea behind Instagram is simple: You snap a picture, import it into the app, pick a specific filter, add a frame or an effect, and then share it with your followers. And the front camera works in a pinch. Follow me on Instagram: ASacco. Just needs shield compatibility but 5 stars because of performance. Some games lag but most games work.

Great but no work with Geforce I hope expect this situation will change, at which time I'll review my rating. Does not work as described My pc is running a geforce but every game I tried to run popped up a message telling me the streamer does not support full screen or screen takeover.

Not at all satisfied. Going to try to get a refund. Do not get this I can see the appeal and this would be a great product but the company refuses to support this and it falls short because of this for all of you that have no problems thats good but everyone that has problems they refuse to help you with these product problem s which stands to believe did they know about them in the first plac8e and have no idea how tl fix them why didnt they tell us about them then I do not recomend this product because of poor support Have a good day and save your money it is a cool concept but braught up by the wrong company.

Neverwinter on my tablet!!!! I gotta say I was sceptical, but decided to give this a go. Glad I did. After customizing the gamepad layout I played Neverwinter on my tablet. Very smooth and enjoyable gameplay with Splashtop THD. This is the beginning of something awesome for me. Can't wait to get a few hours to customize a gamepad layout for Torchlight II!

Good connections and security features, stable performance. Great customization - would love to see more games supported Customization tool is great if a little quirky to start with. The interface would be even better if it would support all games in full screen mode - but you can always zoom in then switch to game mode.

I have used it with GW2 on a custom built setup that works pretty good. Haven't tried Skyrim yet and will post another update when i do. Need to add a mouse wheel controller.. WiFi performance fine - struggle with web access I have been really struggling to get a good connection on the web and with my new PC Splashtop THD won't even detect it? However Splashtop 2 the subscription service has no problem. It makes me feel like THD has been gimped to increase sales of Splashtop 2 which seems to work much better in many regards Deserves 10 star rating 5 stars does not do this app justice.

Works miracles on my Nexus 7. I can play Batman Arkham City with all the bells and whistles from anywhere wifi is available. Not Working for me This does not work with Galaxy Note Everything turns black and white with artifacts and ghosting everywhere. The regular Spashtop works fine. If this did work and I could play civ 5 full screen with windows 8 touch control it would be a 10 star product. I guess i dont get it. As an IT support agent for a large software company meaning IT professionals call me to get help configuring their corporate servers for our very complicated Tax software etc i would think i could figure it out but apparently im doing something wrong, or perhaps its the game itself that isn't easily controlled by this app which is firefall.

Im using a verified blazing fast 4G LTE connection and im not getting anywhere near the frame rates that other people get, however this could easily be the fault of my tablet Sony Xperia s. Ive tweaked the controls but due to the slow response to movement and aiming, i can not play Firefall. Ive been so happy with the Splashtop family of products im just going to consider this a well deserved donation and try the app later in the future after its matured a bit, and maybe ill have a different tablet.

Since this quite possibly may not be the fault of the app im still giving it 5 stars. I'm running Nvidia ti. Id like to add that my son also bought this app and runs it on his nexus 7 and claims it works almost perfect playing games other than Firefall. Great app, nearly perfect This is a great app for streaming pc to my nexus. Works almost flawlessly. Full screen games are still troublesome to work but I've played skyrim and civ V tins already.

That said, using Scribblenauts Unlimited as my test bed, many times mouse clicks don't seem to register. Performance on local network is fantastic, almost seamless, but remotely it lags a bit. Still, that's expected and remote performance still surprisingly good--Far Cry 3 playable in a car! Full screen feature simply doesn't work.

Many comments and tips on forums about it but many supplied by users. Great however Needs improvement playable for some games just doesn't work with others for me anyway. Needs a connection strength meter and more settings to weigh quality over performance. Awesome app but Love the fact that I can play Diablo 3 on my kindle fire but menu button doesn't work and I'm stuck with the Diablo 3 preset every time I select game pad.

Please make it so menu button opens menu as well as the three finger touch. Or keep black arrow button on screen at all times so I can switch profiles on the fly and not have to clear app data before every use. Please and thank you.

It kinda works. It's not the best, it works okay, I have a fast connection, but even at home on LAN, it just didn't work very well. Laggy, unresponsive, latency with the controls It really just doesn't work particularly well at this point in time. Works great! Normal pc use, netflix, gaming your gonna need a good connection or else it will be choppy.

I tried different resolutions and low graphics, still laggy. Great Works great, easy setup. The app is not the problem, the computer needs to be able to powerful enough, but there is a little lag. No nvidia shield for sure Laggy, inconsistent performance is all too common. Performance is actually better on Splashtop 2 the free version.

I now own a nvidia shield and it works 10x better. I installed the streamer on my awesome WoW game box. Installed this app on my Asus TF01 Transformer. Linked them with a security code. Loaded the wow profile in THD and edited it with key bindings - took 5 minutes. I am running on a pure gigabit linked to a wireless N network. Brought up wow on the computer windowed mode and it popped up on the tablet. Smooth as silk - I was playing Warcraft on my tablet in less than 10 minutes.

There are some more key bindings I will add but the game play is remarkably smooth. So easy to set up - there are YouTube videos to help if you need it - heck I may make one for all of you. The two finger swipe will change your perspective which was cool and the three finger long tap will bring up your settings on the tablet - i. I am running the Splashtop 2 streamer.

Good luck and happy gaming! The WoW profile that comes with the game left-clicks things correctly, it allows me to close windows, cast spells as if I were clicking with the left-click on the mouse but when I create my own profile it seems that the mouse will 'move' to the location I press my finger on but it will not actually click anything, this is unlike the WoW profile that comes with the game. This clicking issue persists on any games I launch with the custom profile. The support is almost non-existent.

A fix for this would also be the ability to add more custom buttons to the WoW profile that comes with the app but it does not allow you to do this either so your stuck with the 'default' WoW profile and I can't seem to replicate it when creating my own custom profile left-clicking on things. I can switch to 'desktop mode' to left-click on windows in WoW but then I have to switch back to 'gamepad' mode to continue playing, this is extremely annoying when using my custom profile for WoW Any help would be appreciated 'marwright at gmail'.

Good Excellent app has a ways to go yet but for what you are paying and what you are getting I great value, and flawless play on home w. Nexus Anything else is extraneous at this price. I I love it. No Full screen I bought this with all the requirements GeForce graphics , but this app still will not go into fullscreen, also the lag is horrible and unplayable Works perfectly.

Brings pc to your palm auto find Connects sweet. Very happy.

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Singular Motives. Josie solo. There was a thread a little while ago about some guy playing EvE on his surface pro. The Rowdy Rebels. Center for Advanced Studies. Mr Kidd. We were cloaked off the gate waiting. I swiped the screen to move to my browser. Next thing I know, I'm decloaked, launching a bomb and decloaking the other 30 bombers like a chain reaction just as a fleet landed. Thanks everyone for your help! One of the reasons I enjoy Eve Online is the community, you all are awesome!

An Errant Venture. Himnos Altar. Left dissapointed. Tablet Gaming with EVE. Previous Topic Next Topic. The Scope Gallente Federation 5. Krypteia Operations 4, Erotica 1 Krypteia Operations Likes received: 4, Please let us know how it works out for you. The McCandless Clan 7, Shockwave Innovations Onomerous Shockwave Innovations Likes received: Still dont know why you would want to do these things on something without a keyboard or that can fit in your pocket And cloud storage is for suckers "Yea, some dude came in and was normal for first couple months, so I gave him director.

Imperial Academy Amarr Empire True Xero Lord Ryan True Xero Likes received: Watching netflix at work. That's all I use mine for, or used to. I found that using my iphone works just as well, and alot less bulky.

Anyone want to buy a ipad 2? Also mobile games suck for the most part. I keep a Vita in my backpack and leave the ipad at home. Only thing I really play on the Vita is Plants v Zombie. Vita version rocks! Cool Thanks for answering my post btw : "Yea, some dude came in and was normal for first couple months, so I gave him director.

IronPig Sev3rance 1. Awesome, thanks for the intel. This is what I'm looking for :. Singular Motives Josie solo Singular Motives Likes received: The Rowdy Rebels Furiann The Rowdy Rebels Likes received: As per the above I've played Eve on my iPad 2 using Splashtop.

Can be a bit jumpy so not really great for combat and sometimes it can be frustrating when it will not do quite what you want to do re-sizing windows within Eve is a PITA but useful for doign some stuff. Center for Advanced Studies Gallente Federation 1, An Errant Venture Forum Actions. Report Post. Sorry but it's not possible. Officially, you'd need the required Desktop Nvidia GPU though soon to be supported for nvidia laptops around the end of this month in order to stream. Like you mentioned, the other known alternatives are splashtop thd and kainy.

If you want stream to Shield and have a good time playing sorry, just with a Nvidia vga soon laptop vga too. Splashtop only runs fullscreen with nvidia gpu so either way you would need one to ENjoy it. Keepsieman said: Splashtop only runs fullscreen with nvidia gpu so either way you would need one to ENjoy it. So why can't i play games on my laptop in fullscreen with splashtop THD?

The Splashtop THD or not is a big mess to deal with if you want to stream play, even more if you want to control the game with a local client controler like embbeded Shield controler , there are a lot of ways to make this work, but no one give us a good stream play experience like the Gamestream with Shield. Who don't want a Nvidia vga my advice is, wait the Valve solution, I bet they will launch a Android or iOS stream too. These are the stream solutions that I tried and God knows that I tried a lot of them possible and just Valve Steam In Home Stream and Nvidia Gamestream work great and both have their issues , all others for me was a waste of time and sometimes of money too.

WEll, the reason i use splashtop thd is cause i wanted to stream from my laptop untill the new driver at the end of this month arrives :P. That's not a whole lot of cash to come up with to be able to stream using the GeForce Experience option.

You might even be able to get that much or more by selling your existing video card. And it's not a lot more expensive to get a card that has a lot more power than the There's a lot of flexibility as far as setting up your rig to stream well. Let us know if you need suggestions and we can recommend some good cards that other people in the community have had success with.

If Splashtop wont go fullscreen I had the same issues. It depends on long you had it on your computer. Delete it, then reinstall it, then restart your computer. I think you still need GFE on computer before you reinstall Splashtop. I have noticed when i uninstall geforce Exp and reinstall it i lose the Optimized for Geforce.

I then have to uninstall Splashtop again and reinstall and restart to get it to work. Oh yea about the buttons i have no idea. Maybe because its not officially supported for shield yet. I end up moving all them to edges of the screen then using shields mapper to use them. Keepsieman said: Oh yea about the buttons i have no idea. I don't know if the quality is as good as native or Splashtop THD but it works fine. I've used it on my Galaxy Nexus before I got the Shield and it worked with external controllers.

No, I meant like when you try to run Garrys mod and pretty much all source games which happen to make up the vast majority of my steam games with splashtop it gives you an error that splashtop doesnt run fullscreen. I have not yet found a way to run steam source engine games windowed, unless they are non steam.

Mar I looked all over the internet for alternative ways and found that - splashtop doesnt run fullscreen - kainy doesnt connect My PC is a good one and can run the majority of pc games with no lag.

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Real-Time PC Streaming with Splashtop 2 on Wi-Fi

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Teamviewer monitor driver Finally, in the create help option, two finger is spelled two fingle. It kinda works. Dave2 Well-known Member. I use it mainly to play roguelikes and turn based games on the iPad. Does not work as described My pc is running a geforce but every game I tried to run popped up a message telling me the streamer does not support full screen or screen takeover. Stay at the Also, fullscreen anything will only work if you run a Nvidia gpu, bit of a deal breaker for about half the gaming community.
Splashtop thd nexus 10 Total disappointment Just got this cause I have a nexus 7 with a Tegra 3 and my pc has a good Nvidia card yet I still can't get any game to run in full screen. Roku - Official Remote Control Free. Top Bottom. I haven't been using it to play simcity but I was using it on Saturday to watch the server status and queue countdown from the comfort of my armchair on my Nexus Skyrim on Nexus 7 was a fluid and lag free experience.
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